Welcome to Hyperrhiz, the peer-reviewed online journal specializing in new media criticism and net art.

Hyperrhiz is an open access publication produced twice-yearly along with our parent journal Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and our monograph series project Electric Press. We welcome submissions of net art, new media scholarship and criticism, and reviews of media-related books or blogs. For submission criteria, please read our latest call for papers and our guidelines for submissions.

Currently on Hyperrhiz

Hyperrhiz 12: Mapping Culture Multimodally, edited by Nancy Duxbury and Craig Saper.

Featuring essays and gallery works by:

  • John Craig Freeman and Jessica Auchter
  • Lisa-Katharina Förster and Folker Metzger
  • Félix Burgos
  • Petra Johnson
  • Marta Carrasco and Sergi Selvas
  • Caroline Gausden and Helen Smith
  • Alys Longley, James Hutchinson, Charlotte Šunde, Sasha Matthewman, and Karen Fisher
  • Michelle Ferrier
  • Craig Saper and Lynn Tomlinson
  • Scott Rettberg, Roderick Coover and Nick Montfort

And interviews and reviews by:

  • Dean Casale
  • Jessica Floyd
  • Tissa J. Thomas