Welcome to Hyperrhiz, the peer-reviewed online journal specializing in new media criticism and electronic literature.

Hyperrhiz, originally developed as a sister publication of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, is an open access journal produced twice-yearly. We also collaborate with Punctum Books on a monograph series, Electric Press. We welcome submissions of electronic literature, new media scholarship and criticism, and reviews of media-related books or blogs. For submission criteria, please read our latest call for papers and our guidelines for submissions.

Currently on Hyperrhiz

Hyperrhiz 14: the Ends of Electronic Literature, edited by Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg.

With essays by:

  • Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg
  • Kathi Inman Berens
  • Davin Heckman
  • Leonardo Flores
  • Penny Florence

And featuring works by:

  • Ottar Ormstad and Taras Mashtalir (OTTARAS)
  • Jhave
  • Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman
  • Judd Morrissey
  • David Clark
  • Joellyn Rock
  • Caitlin Fisher and Tony Vieira
  • Will Luers
  • Christopher Funkhouser
  • José Aburto