Hyperrhiz 2

Goo/The Lincolnshire Poacher

Sandy Baldwin
West Virginia University

Citation: Baldwin, Sandy. “Goo/The Lincolnshire Poacher.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 2, 2006. doi:10.20415/hyp/002.g02

Abstract: Two video-based works by Sandy Baldwin: Goo and The Lincolnshire Poacher.


PLAY The Lincolnshire Poacher

saNdy'babdwiN, `Depart8eNt'_f'eNgbisH, `Direct_r'_f'tHe'ceNter'f_r'biterary'c_8putiNg, `West'VirgiNia'uNiversity.
8y _WN cReatiVe PRactice as a DiGitab WRiteR beGaN WitH c_bbab_RatiVe _NbiNe cHat teXtuabity aND c_8PuteR PR_cesseD teXt. 8y W_RK Has beeN WiDeby PeRP_R8eD, PubbisHeD, aND aNtH_b_GizeD. i abs_ cReate W_RK eXPb_RiNG iNteRsecti_Ns _P c_8PuteR Ga8iNG aND DiGitab teXt, usiNG Ga8e 8_Ds t_ eXPb_Re tHe PHeN_8eN_b_Gy _P tHe DiGitab aND tHe cubtuRe _P c_8Putati_N. 8y 8_st ReceNt W_RKs aRe 8acHiNi8a-stybe iN-Ga8e ViDe_s c_8biNeD WitH PR_cesseD teXt aND su_ND. i PReseNteD tHese at a VaRiety _P PeRP_R8aNce VeNues aND acaDe8ic c_NPeReNces, 8_st ReceNtby at tHe s_ciety P_R biteRatuRe, scieNce, aND tHe aRts. tHese W_RKs HaVe beeN DiscusseD iN scH_baRby aRticbes aND Wibb be PeatuReD iN aN uPc_8iNG acaDe8ic buK _N tHe Hist_Ry _P DiGitab P_etRy.
"tHe'Virtuab'Has'p_teNtiab" i'wibb'discuss c_dew_rks'at'tHe'iNtersecti_N'_f'c_8puter'ga8iNg'aNd'recycbed'text. `tHese'w_rks'8ake'sceNes'iN first pers_N'sHuters'aNd'tacticab 8ibitary c_8puter ga8es, re-purp_siNg tHe ga8es but abs_ fabbiNg f_r tHe war w_rbd tHat tHey p_sit--wHicH is N_tHiNg bess tHaN tHe w_rbd we abb iNHabit t_day. tHese w_rks are tHe te8p_rab pbayiNg u_t _f figures cut iN ga8e-space, seriab 8et_Ny8izati_Ns _f c_Ntexts tHat "take pbace" iN tHe reab ti8e _f digitab 8edia. Digitab writiNg Na8es tHe space _f tHis takiNg pbace. iN tHese w_rks, writiNg is tHe ter8iNab p_iNt _f visibibities tHat bec_8e i8ages aNd grapHe8atic sigN cHaiNs tHat bec_8e c_dified. i cabb tHese w_rks "digitab biterature," wHere biterature is N_t a caN_N _f w_rks but a pr_bbe8atizati_N _f 8ediati_N, a "turNiNg biterary _f tHe biterab," a st_ppage wHere 8edia bec_8e biterature. i argue f_r a turN agaiNst tHe tHe_reticab pr_8ise _f tHe readabbe i8age _r tHe perceived text cwHicH i take as tHe pre8ise _f "8edia tHe_ry"). tHis turNiNg sH_ws tHe pureby iNstituti_Nab rebati_N _f represeNtati_N aNd c_Ntext witHiN u_r N_ti_Ns _f 8ediati_N, _N tHe _Ne HaNd; aNd iNti8ates at iNteri_rity witHiN 8ediati_N, _N tHe _tHer.
His.paNeb.c_Nsists._f.fu_r.preseNtati_Ns.at.tHe.breakd_wN.aNd.per8eabibity._f.art, tHe_ry,,aNd.digitab.8edia. tHe.preseNtati_Ns.wibb.diss_bve _pp_siti_Ns _f perf_r8aNce / becture, sH_wiNg / tabkiNg. tHe g_ab is N_t t_ separate reab versus tHe virtuab, but t_ iNsist _N tHeir p_r_sity _r "fuzzy" _verbap. tHe "virtuab" is N_t tHe subject _f tHe w_rk. tHese are w_rks abu_t tHe bec_8iNg _f tHe virtuab aNd tHe reab t_wards _tHer c_NteNt--_r eveN t_wards tHe "c_NteNt _f tHe _tHer"--_N p_biticab, s_ciab, sexuab, biNguistic, Narrative, psycH_aNabyticab, eveN spirtuab gru_Nds.