Hyperrhiz 03: Gallery


Theodoros Chiotis


CodeSwitching 23µg imagines hypertext at the time when the Web has evolved into Web[∞].
CodeSwitching 23µg attempts to illustrate what will happen if the DNA sequence is replaced with the Dewey Decimal System.
CodeSwitching 23µg establishes how a hypertext might also function as a T-cell receptor complex.
CodeSwitching 23µg follows the information hygiene protocol.
CodeSwitching 23µg is an attempt to come up with impossible, non-existent information technologies.
CodeSwitching 23µg imagines a society where the self has long been proved as fiction; hypertexts in this society are marketed, packaged and sold as events.
CodeSwitching 23µg is part of a series of hypertexts called 1043: Blan©k Fiction.

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