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Deep Philosophical Questions/Lord's Prayer, The

Alan Bigelow

Deep Philosophical Questions (2008)

Comic strips and philosophy are combined in this digital fiction to answer six important questions. "Deep Philosophical Questions" offers a brief story in illustration of each question, but these stories are designed to slip between the cracks of serious philosophy, into a place where logic and pedantry have no play.

The work is created in Flash and uses copyright-free comic strips from the Golden Age of Comics (American comic books created in the 1930s and 1940s). The strips have been re-colored and digitally edited to enhance their clarity and to accommodate new dialogue boxes and Flash animations. A credits page on the site credits, among others, the marvelous work of GoldenAgeComics.co.uk, without whom this digital story could not have been completed.

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Lord's Prayer, The (2008)

"Lord's Prayer, The" (2007) takes the original English version of "The Lord's Prayer" (in this case, a variation of the King James Version) and, using the same words, creates an entirely new poem. The work was created in Flash, and the viewer must navigate the page in order to see the revision of the original prayer into its new form. In addition to the text, "Lord's Prayer, The" also uses both images and sound to help in the text's transformation--they evolve as the text evolves, and all the elements are synthesized at the end of the transformation, when the new text coalesces out of the old.

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