Hyperrhiz 5

Repeat the Repetition

Paul A. Toth

Citation: Toth, Paul A.. “Repeat the Repetition.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 5, 2008. doi:10.20415/hyp/005.g04

Abstract: "Repeat the Repetition" is a piece assembled with repetition in text, backed by music, all meant to increase the sensation of experiencing almost-simultaneously occurring words (or events, were this life) in different ways. The sliding strings of words recombine into various permutations, so that one can never quite grasp a single line without another interrupting it, like crossing a street in Manhattan and trying to absorb everything occurring. In short, the intent of the piece is to demonstrate that everything is in motion and that even repetitions are not repetitions.

The music was composed using Sony Acid Music Studio 6.0. The guitar was played with the aid of an EBow, a device that causes a string to vibrate, producing a sustain limited only by the endurance of one 9 volt battery.

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