Hyperrhiz 07: Gallery


Angela Ferraiolo and Mary Flanagan


It's amazing that Americans accept layoffs as sound business management. Mass layoffs benefit no one but a small group of corporate elites who, frankly, have been taught it's okay to behave like robber barons. I wanted to make a game that says as much. Since people have to be able to laugh at a situation before they can do anything to change it, I hope Layoff! makes life a little less scary. In that sense, I hope the game is subversive. Thanks to hyperrhiz for supporting work like this.
— Angela Ferraiolo

Since the mid 1990s, my artwork has continued to be a site of investigation into human relationships with technology. In my work I explore the relationship between computers and everyday life from within a technologically infused culture: computer viruses, search engines, games, cell phones, and email - seemingly boring or ordinary digital systems - become for me extraordinary and revealing artifacts representing themes of human desire, intimacy, secrecy, language, and the spaces of machines themselves.
— Mary Flanagan

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