Hyperrhiz 12: Mapping e-lit

Rats and Cats / Katter og rotter

Produced by Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg

A blind date between an American epidemiologist and a Norwegian woman takes place on a transatlantic Skype call. While trying to impress his potential paramour with his important work in studying contemporary epidemics, the clumsy American steers the conversation terribly wrong, toward a discussion of the Plague and all the devastating historical memories it entails.

Rats and Cats / Katter og rotter was filmed on the Norwegian shoreline, on the banks of a US northeastern city, in a science laboratory, and along the shores of the UK, from which ships carrying plague-diseased rats were said to have come.

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Direction: Roderick Coover

Writing: Scott Rettberg

Translation by: Jill Walker Rettberg

Voices: Jill Walker Rettberg and Rob Wittig

Technical: 9 Minutes, HD 16:9, Color, Stereo.


DOI: 10.20415/hyp/012.me03
Direct link: https://doi.org/10.20415/hyp/012.me03