Hyperrhiz 18: Kits

My RFIDiary: Self-tracking Practices and a New Mode of Digital Remembering

JeongHyun Lee

North Carolina State University

In an increasingly networked society, we leave traces on the Internet – emails, social media posts, blogs, news, and so forth. Even though we have forgotten traces we have left online, digital data are stored and/or continually moved around in different space and time. Instead of recalling the past or reviewing memories suggested by social media algorithms, I dig out my digital memories online and resurrect the dormant traces into lived memories of material objects, by using RFID tags. “My RFIDiary” is an individual practice to create my own memory assemblage, by connecting different realities and dimensions: between "real me" and "digital me," between objects and online traces, and/or between me and objects. Through this communication between different realities, the kit investigates a new mode of digital memory practices in heterogeneous networks of different memory agents. “My RFIDiary” is a visualization of human-computer memory assemblages and a new mode of remembering for digital memories.


About This Kit

Critical Essay: Self-tracking Practices and a New Mode of Digital Remembering

Instruction Set: Creating your own RFIDiary

Github Code Repository for My RFIDiary


DOI: 10.20415/hyp/018.k01
Direct link: https://doi.org/10.20415/hyp/018.k01