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The Ambient Sole

Sarah Beth Evans
North Carolina State University

Instruction Set

(For more detailed assembly instructions of the floor mat, view the slideshow here).


The mat measures 3ft by 5ft, with 6ft of trailing wire connected to the bread board and arduino, which require a small space to sit.

Technical Specifications

Materials List

  • 1 - Arduino Uno
  • 1 - soldered MP3 shield
  • 1 - breadboard
  • 6 - 6in leads
  • 5 - 10ft length of insulated wire (red)
  • 5 - 3ft length of insulated wire (black)
  • 1 - 7ft length insulated wire (black)
  • 10 sqft heavy duty aluminum foil 3'x5' cardboard sheet
  • 10 - 1'x6" cardboard cutouts
  • 5 - 1'x6" perforated foam pieces
  • 1 - 3'x5' floor mat
  • 1 - Speaker system
  • 1 - AUX cable
  • 1 - lithium ion battery
  • 1 - roll masking tape
  • 1 – USB cable, Standard AB

Assembly Instructions

1. Attach aluminum foil to one side of each 1'x6" cardboard cutout with masking tape. Secure exposed ends of red insulated wire to 5 foil covered cutouts with masking tape. Secure exposed ends of 3' lengths of black insulated wire to remaining 5 foil covered cutouts.

2. Secure the 5 foil covered cutouts with red wire to the 3'x5' cardboard sheet (foil side up), staggered lengthwise. Place a perforated foam piece over each cutout. Place 5 foil covered cutouts with black insulated wire (foil side down) on top of foam pieces. Trailing ends of black wires should be exposed and secured to 5' length of black insulated wire.

3. Attach red wires in sequence on breadboard. Attach black wire to top row of breadboard. Attach leads from breadboard in sequence to each connection. Insert lead from the black wire into the GND pin on the MP3 shield connected to the Arduino Uno. Insert lead in sequence to pins A0-A4.

4. Insert USB cable into computer and arduino uno and upload code sketch. Remove cable and attach lithium ion battery. Connect AUX cable to MP3 shield and speaker system.

5. Step on mat, and produce some sounds!

Download a PDF version of these instructions.

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