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Animating Imaginary Worlds: A Digital-Meets-Handmade Animation Workshop Kit

Lynn Tomlinson and Diane Kuthy

Towson University

Video: Student animated films

Imaginary Worlds Part I.


  1. It is no Secret. Teachers participating in workshop at Towson University
  2. Adventures of Ged and Vetch. ConneXtions, A Community-based Art School, Baltimore City. Teacher: Christine Stiver
  3. Minions Save the Day. City Neighbors High School, Baltimore City. Teachers: Hannah Simms and Jessica Thompson
  4. Through the Mist. Towson High National Art Society, Baltimore County. Teachers: Noah Belt and Rachael Valsing
  5. Sundog Saves the Day. Access Art, Baltimore City. Teachers: Zoe Bachman and Georgia McCandlish
  6. In the Kitchen. Towson University Art Education Students.
  7. Joke Shorts. New Town High School, Baltimore County. Teacher: Jermaine Gordon
  8. Finding Happiness. Fort Garrison Elementary School, Baltimore County. Teachers: Grace Hulse and Dawn Doran
  9. Creating Finding Happiness. Teacher: Grace Hulse

Imaginary Worlds Part II.


  1. Beyond the Clouds. Towson University Art Education Students
  2. Character Shorts. Ellicott Middle School, Howard County. Teachers: Rebecca Giro and Mike Bracco
  3. Claymation Shorts. Parkville Middle School, Baltimore County. Teachers: Alyssa Drasal and Kathryn Knight
  4. Baltimore Problems and Solutions. Academy of College and Career Exploration, Baltimore City. Teachers: Elizabeth Gambino and Vanessa Ferguson
  5. Power Tech Magnet. Western School of Technology and Environmental Sciences. Teacher: Alex Garove

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