Hyperrhiz 13: Missives of love

Love Notes and Intimate Circuits

Helen J. Burgess

North Carolina State University

This kit documents MashBOT, a physical computing project in which a Twitterbot is paired with a thermal printer. Love notes are generated by the @mashomatic Twitter account and printed as "receipts" for display. Drawing on Roland Barthes' A Lover's Discourse and Bruno Latour's Aramis: or the Love of Technology as its primary texts, MashBOT asks us to think about the ways in which the written declaration of love (the mash note) is a document at once transactional and unfathomable.


About This Kit

Critical Essay: Making Love in the Mangle of Practice

Instruction Set: Setting up the Board and Printer

Instruction Set: Creating Your Twitterbot

Instruction Set: Feeding Information from Twitter to Printer

Github Repository for MashBOT

Slideshow: MashBOT in action

Twitter Feed for MashBOT Love Notes: @mashomatic

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