Hyperrhiz 19

Experiencing in Pieces: A Physical Computing Approach to Sonic Composition

Steven Smith
North Carolina State University

Jeremiah Roberts
North Carolina State University

Citation: Smith, Steven and Jeremiah Roberts. “Experiencing in Pieces: A Physical Computing Approach to Sonic Composition.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, no. 19, 2019. doi:10.20415/hyp/019.k01

Abstract: Experiencing in Pieces in an interactive, hybrid reality installation that allows the audience to deconstruct and reconstruct a piece of music composed by Jeremiah and Michael Roberts. Designed using the multimedia software TouchDesigner and Microsoft Kinect v2, Experiencing in Pieces invites participants to situate themselves in front of the installation and, depending on their physical location, trigger playback of the component audio and visual files. In this article, the authors argue that Experiencing in Pieces and physical computing in general can be useful ways to consider embodiment and its relationship with sonic compositions as proposed by Steph Ceraso and Kati Fargo Ahern. This kit, then, includes a critical essay on sound studies, embodiment, and physical computing, an interview with co-author and creator Jeremiah Roberts, and directions for a miniaturized version of Experiencing in Pieces that readers can utilize in the classroom to create their own embodied, sonic composition project.


About This Kit

Critical Essay: Sonically Composing Experiencing in Pieces

Instruction Set: Prototyping Experiencing in Pieces

Audio Interview: Steven Smith and Jeremiah Roberts